Reza Rahbaran – REPORT : Harassment / Stealthing / Condom removal

Updated on May 5, 2019 in Psychopath
1 on May 5, 2019

Based in : Miami, FL and London, UK

Drug abusers (with his friends George G. and male escort George Serban).

Reza Rahbaran molested and followed a young girl that tried to get home by herself at night after having a few drinks with him at a night club.
He stalked her, asked where she lived etc. She told him she was tired and wanted to get home safely. He grabbed her genitals and invited her over.
She ran away to her place by 1 AM.
There are proofs thanks to the camera’s footages on Collins Avenue, Miami.

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0 on May 5, 2019

Another lady claimed she was having a hookup with him. After a while he asked her to remove the condom, which she declined. He penetrated her raw anyway. He blackmailed her, even told her that she has to see only him.
What the heck ?

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