oldschoolsiner@gmail.com scam artist

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this scam is ancient

person emailing claims to want to set up a session “for a friend”

offers you a HUGE amount buuuut, you have to do the session with the “friend” FIRST and then you get paid

after youve had the session. session is always gross and disgusting and 4-5 hours in length and girl, you are NOT getting paid, youve been played. Im so surprised that people like this still bother but some girls must fall for it



First off I’m a girl, but I am looking for a special lady like your self to help me with a very special situation. I have a very good friend that is a guy that I am looking to give him a gift of a life time. 

He is an older man he is a super nice guy and I love him to no end but his luck with the ladies is not so hot, I am looking for a lady that is willing to treat him like a king for a few hours to a few days. 

I am looking for a a lady that is super open sexually and has few to no limits that will make this event one he will never ever forget. 

If this is something you would be interested in please get back to me so we can work out details and I can be more specific about what he likes and so on. If not I totally understand also if you know someone that would be have them email me 

Thank you


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