New Backpage Alternative is doing things right

Updated on May 1, 2019 in Advice
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Altbackpage is going about catering to the unfiltered classified advertising in the right way.


  • The site does outbound marketing with Google Adwords placements and show up very well nationwide, I have also seen banners ads for the site on Pornhub
  • Unlike most other alternatives that are full of fake ads or advertisements they have held the line and disallowed fake ads and spammers keeping the platform beneficial to providers and seekers alike.
  • They are owned and hosted offshore avoiding the oversight of FOSTA & SESTA
  • Customer support is competent and capable answering any questions that arise and taking and implementing useful suggestions
  • They’ve kept it simple – there are not a million upgrade options designed to increase your costs while not delivering
  • Ads are only $1 and payments can be made via credit card or paypal simplifying your need to make trips to different vendors for gift cards and pray that the credit is applied to your account.
  • overall the site has a backpage like interface with extremely recognizable functionality
  • Visibility is great as only early adopters are participating at this point thus categories are not crowed yet
  • Personal information is not required for providers


  • Ability to add multiple pictures – currently you can only add 2 pictures
  • Traffic – as of this post the site averages 250,000 page views a day with 60,000 unique visitors which is lower than some other alternative sites but traffic appears to be genuine unlike some others

Overall the Altbackpage seems to be a viable offshoot of the platforms we all came to depend on for new business.

Do you have any experience with this site? What sites are you having the most success on?

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