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Hello Everyone,

When you get the chance, please read the Terms.

This site is not to bash anyone but help those that may feel jilted. If you feel that someone stated something wrong about you, you know who it is, please reach out to them. Please contact them to remove it.  We are not here to hurt anyone. 

With that said, if you want us to remove anything, send us a DMCA form, a court order, or removal service to correct anything.  

Recently, a man name Richard Eugene Sipe reach out to us to remove some contents. We would have gladly removed it if he did not lie to us.

He emailed us, using three accounts:,, 

and stating this:

My name is Michelle and I am writing you to beg you to take the post down about my brother his name is Richard Sipe. My brother committed suicide two days ago because of the site we are working with the FBI now and Internet crimes to press charges on your site and a federal lawsuit if you have any heart or believe in God you will take the post about my brother down this site made him kill him self I beg you please do the right thing.

Based on research the person who emailed us was actually not Michelle but Richard himself.  Again, we are here to help. But, lying to us hurts everyone all over again. 

We told Richard the same thing, please send us a Court Order or DMCA or any filings.  With this threat, unfortunately, we had to post this live.

To learn more about Richard go to his personal website built by another savior

Let’s raise the bar for humans. Let’s come together and be right by each other. Let’s not let someone hurt. Share and continue the message for better humans everywhere. 







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0 on February 11, 2018

Posting that someone has aids is elegal and to post pics of his children is elegal also his addresses.

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1 on February 11, 2018
on February 11, 2018

LOL…you don’t send a DMCA from your cellphone…dumby. The DMCA people send it …lol…And DMCA is for copyright infringement, no to clean your sucky reputation

You should lawyer up, cuz you don’t got many fans!

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