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Has anyone gotten this email:

Hello and how are you doing  beautiful? My Name is Renard Correa, I’d like to have you as an Escort/date to a partner’s induction Party in Houston dated for 2nd of  August,all expenses will be paid for by me Kindly reply to indicate your interest.Please send your reply to sliver.dragon313@outlook.com And you can also send me a Text Message on my Cell ((323) 425-3832 ) I also reply Text Messages Faster. I would be waiting to hear from you soonest.

Thanks for responding to my mail i have also attached my valid Drivers License for you . I’m not really the kind of man to solicit such on the internet.I don’t even do social networks. it’s my first time doing something like this. I’m a 55yr old Construction and Investment Consultant who buys, develops and sells landed property. Got a 10 yr old son whose mom we lost to Cancer 5 yrs ago. Been in 2 different relationships since then,2 of them were very hurtful. So I decided to keep myself for the woman I’d eventually spend the rest of my life with. That accounts for the reason I came on that site to search for a companion to events. It’s just a semi-formal cocktail/dinner party between executives involving not more than 50 people in attendance. I just seek your companionship to/through the party which will hold on August 2nd and run from 6pm till midnight you will be staying with me for 2 nights.Let me know if you’ll be available then. I’m currently out of the country on business; supervising the construction of my hotel building in France and wont be back till 2days before the party.

This looks like a fake license:

This is what the address on his ID is:

I don’t understand why people just want to waste time.

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I got an email from him too and thought it sounded suspicious. Thanks for the info! I don’t understand time wasters either???

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