Ladies Look out for Brian Keith Williams RAPIST in San Diego

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I was contacted by Brian “Keith” Williams a day before the friday he was wanting to book a multi-hour appt on. Which was december 1st 2018 @ 7 pm for 2 possibly 3 hrs but only if i was down to party w him (blow).. not uncommon in our business & esp not here in so cal. So i agreed. The next day, he texts (858) 336-5222 me his address 801 A St. Apt #1811 San Diego CA
In the REY apartments. Get there, and he pours me a drink which i didnt drink. I brought my own water, but there wasnt much left. We coincidentally drank the same kind of water. So we shared mine while chatting in the living room. He had the blow already out on a red plate in the kitchen. I barely did any, 3-4 lines (small ones). He did 17 large ones to himself, over the course of 3 hrs. Hes got coke dick, cant get it up. So he asks me how much for an overnight. We agreed on a price, told him I would have to run home to let my dog out, if i was going to be staying the night. This is one of the reasons i know he had been drugging me from the start.. he was really reluctant to let me leave. Kept asking if i was sure i was going to come back, if i was sure i was good to drive etc i reassure him Im fine & left taking a small water bottle from his house w me. All the while driving home, im drinking my water & cant sober up. Im just feeling different. But the drug was disorienting me. So i didnt realize what was happening until it was too late. Ladies, i study criminal justice & psychology.. always thought i was I would ever know if i was being drugged. Thats what makes date rape drugs so dangerous.. they are incredibly disorienting. I got home & noticed my complexion was way off & i was sweating on my forehead. Again though, i didnt realize why. I was in the zone of getting back to get & make my money. I head back & am still not feeling right when i get to his place. I ask if i can take a couple vicodin to come down (nothing out of my norm or what i cant handle). He tells me its ok to have some, i go to his bathroom to get them. He tells me to stay in his bedroom, while he takes his computer to the living room to try to get himself hard by watching porn. In the bedroom was three preopened bottles of water. Im taking the pills w water. He was out in the living room so long, the high from the pain killers hit me & i came down from that. But still not feeling right.. so i ask to take a half a zanny (again, no where near my limits) he says yes but snapped me, as if he was frustrated/annoyed. As i come back into the bedroom from getting the half a zanny. He decides to join me in the bedroom. Within about 15-30 seconds I completely black out. Have no memory of the next 18 hrs (not like me, never even blacked out from drinking). I end up leaving his house somewhere around 12pm the next day. Only know this from pictures in my phone. Apparently while i was blacked out, I was taking photos (well, trying to- they werent very focused or good). Makes me wonder why i was taking pics. Was he having me do that to distract me, so he could keep drugging the water i was drinking.

I know what ur thinking.. im a sex worker. Why would a guy who paid for sex, drug you to rape you. Well, i dont do anal. And he found that out early on & decided to not take no for an answer. And instead of just booking a girl who wouldve happily done that, his white old priveledged ass decided to take it. I have filed a police report, they sadly want more girls to come forward before they are willing to get involved. So im putting his info out there to protect other ladies. This man drugged me so much, i have 18 hrs, almost a full day lf memory not there. I was able to drive myself home, go shopping the next day, all while on autopilot & no memory of doing so. I was disorientated for the next 3 days. It took me 3 days to realize what had happened. I have his picture, if anyone needs further info, please email me & be careful.

His email is
Phone # 858-336-5222
Brian “Keith” Williams
Has a 25 yr old son & ex wife
Works in ecommerce & used to work for Petco
Hes 5’7 & 140-150lbs
1/14/67 about to turn 52
Has black, greying hair
Lives in Downtown San Diego in his “upscale” apartment @ The REY
801 A St. Apt # 1811
San Diego Ca
He drives a Porsche & races them too
His dog is named Farrah (Foccette)
And he moved here from Charleston SC

I know he used GHB he purchased off the dark web (where he claimed he bought the coke, then proceeded to show me the dark web market- bc he thought it impressed me, how “bad” he was) to drug my water when i went to the restroom.

If you need any other info or wanna see his photo, please email/write me! Stay safe ladies 💗

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2 on January 3, 2019

Please post on Rap Sheet App

on January 7, 2019

Good idea, i didnt think of that one! Thank you Melissa. Your site definetily does more to protect ladies in our business & even clients for that matter, better than law enforcement does.

on January 7, 2019

Says they only want positive things posted..

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