Justin was horrible ‭+1 (662) 337-6292‬

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‭+1 (662) 337-6292‬ So I been texting back n forth with this asshole for about 2days. on the phone he seemed like he was a well spoken gentleman, how wrong was I. As soon as I walked in I noticed that everything he had said was a lie. He was a slob not clean cut at all. He immediately jumps on me witch not even for a qv do I like. After getting him to calm down we sit there n talk for a lil while. What a sarcastic prick . We talked for about an hour. Nothing about this dude I liked expect the fact he paid me upfront thru Venmo. ( I transferred the money to bank ASAP) we drank a lil order more drinks n a bite to eat. Now 2nd hour his wife calls this womanizer had a thirty minute argument with his wife on FaceTime how he’s not doing anything n repeatedly called her stupid. Made me sick to my stomach especially hearing the baby in the back ground. He seems like they type that probably gets violent when he’s angry. He try’s to push-up on me right after I just couldn’t so I get on my phone I was going to send back some of his money thru the app but I had to wait for it to clear the bank account before it would let me. I told him I wanna go I don’t feel comfortable n he stands n front of door n pushes me back. I was texting a friend who I knew lived around the area who thank god showed up at that moment we left.

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