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Hey Hello Thanks for the select us, I have no way no if I get it is special for someone so I am doing something is running is the doctor was in shock that I wasn’t complaining or screaming since it was supposed to be a really painful injury I actually had to undergo surgery to help my arm heal properly it was that bad the nurses ask me as I woke up from the anesthesia if something hurt I just replied that it didn’t the doctor wanted to see if I could really go without pain killers after the surgery I didn’t even feel the difference the whole staff was fascinated by my case I didn’t take any pain medication during my stay there and felt perfectly OK in fact by dating girls bye friend if threatened around me just to keep me in bed it was important that I lay still for a few days to recover the problem was I sent just fun and was bored out of my mind my parents didn’t know what to make a bit and decided to take me to a specialist after all I was supposed to feel pain f****** possibly be wrong with me it took the bye friend several test and finally figure out what was happening and Mr I am at showed a lot of transmitters in my brain that would usually decode pain though like text Nick we should be able to feel it my brain was unable to process and react to it the doctor said it was an incredibly rare condition and that there were very few documented cases in the world I was very unique and honestly.

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Her we are serve you great fun, I thought it was really cool my parents were admittedly very worried but to me it was so awesome with this new found knowledge I became incredibly reckless I was known in the neighborhood is the daredevil get on the street and it only goal worse as I grew up I would get into all kinds of problems and always be looking for my next adrenaline fixed I would jump off really high things and you all kinds of dangerous stunt teams in my school or always challenging me to try new and weird stuff and I always took them up on it I want every single back in May good money off at my dating girls would always check how I was whenever I got home and she’s beg me to be more careful I love my mother a bit but I add grown to use to being a daredevil to stop I love testing my limit plus honestly I’m kind of wanted to discover if anything would actually make me feel pain and it all the bye friend said it was impossible but I like experimenting with things for myself I don’t be on a fan say I’ve had a lot of broken limbs over the years plus many more broken nose is and even fingers I’m okay with that.

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I just go to the hospital and they patch me up by dating girls freaks out every single time I apologize but we both know I’ll do it all over again soon sometimes I don’t even realize I have a fracture until someone lets me know I’m walking kind of weird a lot of my friends got jealous of me over the years but they still loved seeing me perform cool tricks for them now as fun as this all sounds there was a big problem here I’ve no way of knowing if I get her or not it’s kind of a mess is specially for someone so reckless as I am doing something as simple as running is dangerous because I can’t tell if I stepped on something sharp or if I bent money or something like that each morning when I wake up.

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