Darren Ambler/Dangerous Sex & Drug Addict-Prostitute-Liar- STD Carrier/Cherry Hill- NJ

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Darren Ambler….aka……Darren Scott Ambler…is a Notorious and very Dangerous Psychopath- Sex Addict-Male Prostitute-Escort- Drug Abuser- STD Carrier-Immoral- Scum Bag who is Abusive to females and he has transmitted STD’s through Careless Sex to at least 10 Females.  Darren Ambler is arrogant- non-caring and has a serious uncontrollable Sex and Drug addiction that has reached Dangerous heights.   Mr. Darren Ambler is a Compulsive Liar and lives in a Drug haze Fantasy world of Explicit Sex- Oral Sex and Degrading Pornography.  He has abused- beaten- Raped- Forced Sex upon many females and even Impregnated at least one possibly more of his former Sexual partners.  

Darren Ambler is Arrogant- Quite Homely and he lives the lifestyle of a slimy piece of Garbage.  Exploitation of Females and Graphic Sex are Ambler’s specialties.  Darren Ambler and Mr. Gary Dumas are two of a kind.   Darren Ambler is a filthy evil Liar who many feel resembles Satan or the Devil.   Satan is Evil and corrupt just like Darren Ambler’s mind.   Satan has no conscience or moral fiber like Darren Ambler and Satan is consumed with sin and sex just like Darren Ambler.   Females and others must protect themselves from this Evil Sexual predator.   Darren Ambler is even more arrogant and Dangerous after he ingests Drugs and mind altering substances.  He already has brain damage from years of drug abuse,   The authorities are well aware about Darren Ambler and his sexual lifestyle.  Darren Ambler has had Sex with a variety of females including Internet hook ups- Prostitutes- one night stands- married women- divorcees- senior citizens- possibly teenagers.  Please warn and protect your loved ones from possible attack.  Darren will have SEX with anything that moves.   Evil selfish deranged predators like Ambler have no conscience or conception of right vs wrong.  Everything is about themselves and they need and want.  Darren Ambler does not have an honest bone in his 130 pound scrawny diseased disgusting body.    


Unfortunately Darren Ambler has children.  Darren has to be the most Incompetent- Unfit parent and immoral parents.  What could a Perverted Prostitute and drug addict possibly teach children that would help them form healthy outlooks and positive relationships.  NOTHING:  Darren Ambler will use you – Rape you- Abuse you physically and mentally then call you every name he can think of that starts with “F”.  Darren Ambler is a Low class “PIG”.  He has a filthy mouth and his face looks like a Planet of the Apes Reject.  Darren Ambler is a Real “Failure” in bed.  Angie Parson- Megan Bentzley- Natalie Becerra and Alina all tell similar stories about Mr. Ambler’s incompetence in bed as well as his deranged Brain.   Darren Ambler will soon be brought to Justice.  For once in his wasted life- Darren Ambler will have to answer for his wrong doing.  


Darren Ambler is now listed on various web sites that state the 100% truth about him and his secret sexual practices and abuse of his female victims.   Even Religious organizations are publishing articles about Darren Ambler comparing him to “Lucifer” or the “Devil”.   Please see https://upwardchristianfellowship666.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/darren-scott-ambler-cherry-hill-nj-nate-hill-fletcher-nc-nathaniel-elliott-hill-beware-org-by-catpoopenstein/  

Also see the following: http://www.predatorswatch.com/new-jersey/darren-ambler/




Darren Ambler continues to pose a huge threat to society.  If Darren Ambler solicits you for SEX or Pornography call POLICE.  Keep pepper spray in your purse as it does afford some protection from perverts like Darren Ambler.  Darren prefers “Working Hookers” bust as already stated he will sleep with anything or anyone out of desperation and the necessity to feed his addiction.   Darren Ambler has also forced drugs upon his former victims prior to sex and Pornography sessions.  Mr. Ambler is an active STD carrier at present.  He is very odd to say the least and has a personality like a FROG.  He looks a bit like a frog himself.  Darren Ambler has nothing to offer a females except trouble- heartache- pain and Disease.  He is about as attractive and appealing as Root Canal.  Darren Ambler has distinctive “Bugged Out” eyes as if he has a thyroid disorder.   In reality- his bugged out eyes are due to being high on drugs 99% of the time.   Darren Ambler has some very Evil smelling breath.   Some feel that Darren Ambler may have been punished by GOD because of his evil sexual sins and mistreatment of others.  His Internal organs are literally rotting away.  Thus-resulting in rancid breath – and toxic flammable fumes escaping from his pores.  Every time Demented Darren Ambler exhales he is harming the ozone layer with poisonous stench.   Darren is a lousy bed partner and has a very time and inadequate male organ. His favorite pass time in addition to prostitution is watching porn hub.com/  Darren Ambler resides at 12 Westbury Drive- Cherry hill New Jersey,   The pervert was last employed by Express Scripts (Cigna) as a Pharmacist.  Not a good profession for a Drug addict and sexual pervert.


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