Darren Ambler/Cherry Hill NJ/ Sex & Drug Addict/ Prostitute/ Psycho/ Herpes Carrier/

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Darren Ambler is still a huge threat and danger to all women and men. Darren Ambler is a sick Psychotic Sex addict and Heavy Drug user. Darren would be high 99% of the time and he many times forced his dirty slimy drugs on me. Darren is a Pharmacist which is the worst profession for a Drug Abuser. Darren loved Cocaine, Heroin, Speed, Weed, Acid and any Pill he could get his slimy hands on.

Darren Ambler was an abusive sexual addict. He would force sex on me and threaten me if I refused. He is one sick and demented POS . Also, he was a compulsive and Pathological Liar. Not a truthful bone in his 140 pound scrawny gross body. Darren Ambler even Raped and assaulted me many times. He was Obsessed with dirty sex, Pornography, Bondage and even “Threesomes”. Darren would engage in Bi sexual sex when he was in the mood. Darren was Horrible in bed, a real “Failure”! he has a micro sized penis barely visible, a homely face, a gross body, smelly breath and no Personality. Darren is a dork that tried to prove his manhood through multiple sexual partners. The sex fed his shattered ego. No wonder his former wife left/ Who could stand an ugly, sociopath, sex addict who was also a drug abuser. Some say Darren’s bad smelling breath is actually his insides rotting away with puss and infection from STD’s. He has become quite popular online over the past few years.

Darren has had SEX with numerous women over the past few years (probably 150 or more). He has screwed hookers, madams, mistresses, divorced women, married women, single women, Grandmothers and Teenagers. Darren is a serious addict with no Morals, Scruples, Etiquette or Class. Darren Ambler is a shallow person with nothing appealing. He is a big ZERO. Very abnormal and weird. Darren Ambler is selfish and lives in his own world. Darren Ambler is an Herpes Carrier. He has infected at least 20 women (maybe more). Darren Ambler also broke the law by engaging in Prostitution. He has exploited sex and spread std’s which is a CRIMINAL ACT. Many former lovers can attest to the fact that Darren Ambler is a Psycho, Horrible in bed, Has smelly breath, is demented and delusional. Blames everyone else for his misfortune.

Darren Ambler is immature and meeds to grow up and act like a man. He has no sense and a mentality of about a 10 year old child. He likes men also when the bi sexual moods happen to strike him. Darren ruined his own reputation. He has two kids that need to be removed from his care before it is too late. Prostitutes, liars that take drugs and screw many women make very bad fathers in spite of what Darren Ambler thinks. He has brain damage also from drug abuse. Darren Ambler must mature and grow up to realize there are Consequences for our bad actions. No one wants his filthy infections.

Darren also has Illegitimate children that he refuses to support financially. He was also responsible for several abortions. Darren Ambler certainly reserved his place in HELL with Lucifer. He will burn his smelly tush off : The POLICE are well aware who Darren Ambler is and what he does. Mr. Ambler lives at 12 WESTBURY DRIVE IN CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP NJ. BEWARE. He may solicit you on line for SEX. He needs to be isolated from society and placed either in JAIL or a MENTAL Institution for intensive care, Shock Treatment and medication. Darren resembles an APE with Glasses. He is also obsessed with Porno sites and nudity. Porno Hub.com was a favorite of his. It is a concern that he has kids. Lord knows what Darren may do to small children when those SEX urges take over. He is a vile maniac with a Vulgar mouth and mind: A professional liar also.

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