Cops Stinging at 134 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 929-367-2227 / 9293672227

Updated on May 5, 2018 in Cops
1 on April 22, 2018

This is not a real address, but a meeting point. Vice is trying to catch girls at 134 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

He is going by the name of Mike, Michael, and/or Jay.  A few girls received his calls asking for BBJ, Showers, and GFE experiences.  

He is also vulgar on the via text and on the phone.  The number he goes by are 929-367-2227 / 9293672227

He is described as a short Hispanic man. 

Rules for stingings:

Verify and don’t discuss anything on the phone or text.

If he doesn’t fit the stereotype. Leave.

If he asks a lot of questions. Don’t answer and leave.

There are times some people are nervous. But, something seems off. Leave.  

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0 on May 5, 2018

They have been doing sting’s since the April 6 2018 take down… You ladies in NYC stay safe… It is dangerous in NYC due to the main site’s being removed and Blacklisted client’s coming out of the wood work’s with new number’s…  

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