Cop seizures

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Please be careful not to post on Bedpage,SkiptheGames,. Police are calling and harassing Escorts ,Massage providers. Months ago I received 100 calls from men from all over the USA. Claiming I posted ads in their states. I did not and I strongly believe they were Feds and local cops? One had the nerve to text me my real name and said I was a Chicago escort? I use to do Body rubs .. I have retired because two friends that work as Massage providers. Had different issues one was being stalked by a nut case. The other was stabbed by a body rub client this year in her Incall. The lunatic baracaded her in her townhouse. Cops came, seized her computers, cellphones and she was nearly evicted by landlord. The Swat had to come out.. I am glad I never did Incall to many legal problems.. I heard the cops used her accounts to set up stings and busted clients. Ladies do Not do Incalls at your home were the cops can show up if you have an ugly incident with a client. Smh

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Also be very careful of certain clients in local communities . I heard that the police are pushing Men who have been arrested for “Solicitation ” to take pictures of Escorts at their Incalls and snap photographs of there personal items,mail,. Guess if they sting you at your apt.. They know your floor plan. Make clients put their phones away.. and turn them off.. Don’t trust any one ever again. 4 more websites are gone.. USA providers have been Blocked ..pretty soon there won’t be anymore websites to post. I happy to retire now .Stay safe girls and ladies

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thank you
do you know where I can find list or information on numbers. calling me I live in Pittsburgh PA

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