Blacking Escorts a new thing?

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Data Sec


Anyone else get this?


We met together not so long ago.
I would not go into details as I would like to stay in anonymity.

I captured a video from our date, I did some edits to hide my face.

I am writing you just now, as it takes some time to dig into your
identify and personal life. Also editing video takes some time, as I am
not good at it.

What I am good at, is found information 😉

I discovered some interesting things, but it’s not my concern, it’s your

I have contacts to some people you know each other well.
These are some from your family, some friends, which can be also
professional contacts, I did not explore these people more, it’s not in
my interest.

However I decided I will give you a chance.

Send 700 USD within two days to my Bitcoin wallet:


When I will receive the full amount, I will forget about you.
I will delete the mentioned video from our time and data I got about
you. I will never contact you again.

If I will not receive the full amount in time, you will have a funny
I will send these information to all your contacts I got, the video from
our meeting too.

It’s up to you, you can decide if your privacy and hiding your real job
from your friends and family is worth 700 USD. If not, never mind, don’t
send anything, it will go public to all your contacts.

Also please keep in mind, I m not a bad guy, I have my own reasons for
this, like you have your for your job.

Even I know details about your life, I will not share anything else now
or in the future. I m not treat to you. How I mentioned, I will delete
everything and forget about you.

Only if I will not receive the amount in two days, I will send the video
from our date, which will display you with me, some communication and
our private time. That’s all. No physical contact from my side 🙂

Hope, I can forget about you within two days. You decide.

PS: Don’t try to email me back, the account does not exist, I will not
have access to it. I am not willing to communicate with you anymore. I
will see “your answer” in my wallet 😉 I just got the access to this
server, so I am using this email for sending. Poor owner 🙂

If don’t know how to get BTC, search about it, I suggest to buy it in
ATM Bitcoin, there are many in the city. Search for it. You can do it
just using cash within a minute completely anonymously. Don’t use

Have a nice one

Your past customer

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