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  1. Name: Unknown

Number: (917-708-5192)

E-mail: N/A

Location: Fort Lauderdale/ Miami, FL

  • Setting up appointments with girls for robbery
  1. Name: Bryan

Number: (610-342-7228)

E-mail: N/A

Location: King of Prussia, PA

  • Gives fake references. Has been aggressive with models in the past and he threatens to denounce them with the police
  1. Name: Jay Silver or Glenn Kamp

Number: (551-502-3985)

Location: NJ area

  • He has previous references that are able to vouch for him, but recently saw a model and after the meeting when she checked the envelope it was just filled with napkins and no cash
  1. Name: Stephen McCurry

Number: N/A

Location: N/A

  • Fake photographer trying to scam ladies out of money (you can find him on google)
  1. Name: Unknown

Number: (202-807-5111)

E-mail: N/A

Location: New York

  • Wants to see girls and takes off protection in the middle of an appointment
  1. Name: Rohit

Number: (857-219-0409)

E-mail: N/A

Location: Boston, MA

  • Gives models fake money
  1. Name: Isham

Number: (351-202-0509)

E-mail: N/A

Location: Boston, MA

  • Gives models fake money
  1. Name: Brian

Number: (781-805-5027)

E-mail: N/A

Location: Boston, MA

  • Showed up to a date drunk and talked bad to the model until she was forced to kick him out
  1. Name: Robert Breneman

Number: (706-584-2556) (314-207-8694) (815-324-6011)

E-mail: N/A

Location: Perimeter Area/Atlanta, GA

  • Not safe to see
  1. Name: Unknown

Number: (347-941-5223)

E-mail: N/A

Location: NJ area

  • Claims he is a POLICE OFFICER
  1. Name: Unknown

Number: (631-413-7062)

E-mail: N/A

Location: N/A

  • THEIF saw a model and physically assaulted/raped her


Your WASTE OF TIME Clients:

  1. Name: Unknown

Number: (914-552-6859)

E-Mail: N/A

Location: Washington, DC

  1. Name: Lee Mahaffey

Number: (864-275-3616)

Location: N/A

  1. Name: Todd Walberg

Number: (319-333-9433)

Location: NJ area

  1. Name: Scott Eyler

Number: (717-224-3606)

Location: N/A

  1. Name: Charlie

Number: (612-387-1887)

Location: N/A

  1. Name: Brian Kelly

Number: (516-236-6629)

Location: N/A

  1. Name: Eric

Number: (404-817-1519)

E-mail: N/A

Location: Atlanta, GA

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5 on October 29, 2018

Week 2

Name Unknown – (2012557096) (2014398114) (8622035699) – Seacaucus NJ

–          showed up to date with a gun. Raped and robbed the model

Wen Yu Rick (952-288-4218)

–          Very hard and aggressive Chinese business man

Sean Waszily (619-746-3751)

–          Scammer/Wants chargebacks

Name Unknown (617-402-2212)

–          Aggressive THEIF

Name Unknown (978-309-9253)

–          COP -federal sting in Windsor CT, reported on 10/5/2018

Troy Schader in Jacksonville, FL

–          he always uses a different e-mail and no number but he sends his real name and LinkedIn, he’s a financial advisor. Has seen and afterwards stalked 4 different models to the point where they had to file restraining orders. He wants to “out” providers so he tries to find out their real names and use social media to find friends and family to expose their personal line of work.

John Kemply

–          He saw one girl to obtain a reference then robbed and raped two independent girls after. His contacts are in South Florida

Name on Passport: Walter Saul Garcia Ramos (201-989-3760)

–          Scammer. Asks for money back. Robbery

Name Unknown (540-915-7593)

–          Asks for outcall. Gives fake address and doesn’t answer calls once you arrive

Daniel Lefco (503-327-6311) Portland, OR.

–          Showed up to a date and told the model he had herpes

Marcel Aschettino alias Marc Ashley (954- 615-7848) Miami, FL.

–          Online he has a “bad boy report” filed.  He’s been “forgetting” his wallet at home at every date he’s been to since 2015 (aka date with no donation)

Name Unknown (786-792-4496) Miami, FL.

–          Was at a date and after the model asked for payment upfront, he pretended to get the money from his pocket and pulled a knife to her neck. Unfortunately, it ended in rape.

Name Unknown (516-584-3952) multiple e-mails – NJ area

–          Brings a fake gun to appt for rape/robbery

Christopher Gordon (305-393-3550)

–          Scam artist

Brian Glasser (561-316-7603)

–          After scheduling an out call, he proceeded to let the model know she needed to book a room near him because he didn’t want her at his home. After she let him know the time he asked didn’t work for her, she received multiple nasty emails for “not respecting Him” and continued to harass her.

Amy Callahan <>

–          Wants to set up appt for her ex so the model can completely torture him and commit illegal acts for her own satisfaction to “get back at him”

Mike Polack (860-706-4098) Providence, RI

–          shorted the provider $50 even after she reviewed her hourly rate via

Ron Bendetti (401-829-8946) Providence, RI

–          suspicious behavior

Shane Wittaker or Scott (801-381-2774) Orlando FL

–          tries to meet you in public and doesn’t pay or doesn’t meet you

Braheem (610-931-4575) Pennsylvania

–          left without paying to the model

Jesse Light P411 Jesse-25-M-8227 /

–          severely emotionally abusive to a model when she saw him



on November 12, 2018

Please please remove my number from no show? 

on November 12, 2018

what is your number?

on November 12, 2018

I sent you.

on April 3, 2019

Yep Christopher G
Big scam artist be careful he’s catfishing
And using magic jack

on October 21, 2020

Could you please remove my number from info too?

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2 on October 31, 2018

Adam (734 771 9901)

–          gets the address then calls the police. 

Jon Crevani (

–          WOT. Gives fake references and threatens to report models

Ed Maven or Mark Prince (413-657-9305) Boston, MA.

–          extremely uncomfortable and anxious, asked model multiple times if she was a cop, and proceeded to nearly rape her.

Yuri (857-213-2089) – Boston, MA

–          He saw a model, and at the end of the session, he became aggressive and forced her to look into his eyes for 10 or 15 minutes without pause and to inflict pain on him even though she expressed she wasn’t comfortable doing so.

Michael (786-314-9602)

–          reports of him robbing a provider on Mr.Number.

Name Unknown (407-537-5898)

–          COP who arrested a bunch of girls in a sting in South FL recently.  

Ritesh Patel (440-453-1081) Atlanta, GA.

–          Has one valid references. Uses her to see other models and scam for chargebacks

Name Unknown (786) 373-3293

–          Uses someone else’s LinkedIn for verifications. Showed up to a models apt. and was trying to foce his way inside her house.

Mohamed (917-417-3583)

–          Only pays $400 but stays for 3-4 hours and you can’t get rid of him. Never provides real info for screening. Gets angry and threatens to call the police. Is blocked by multiple models.

Alex or James (646-243-5496) New Jersey

–          Aggressively takes money back after date. Thief.

Daniel Contreras (201-994-6455) New Jersey

–          Fake outcall. Gives fake address. WOT

Paul (

–          Got angry with model for refusing to do anything unprotected. Told her “he has many guns waiting for her”

Paul Eubanks (912-268-1941) ( Brunswick, GA.

–          HUGE WOT. Do not do an outcall with this guy. SUPER CHEAP. Watch your money around him and collect before your date

Craig Sheridan (704-533-2426) Charlotte, NC

–          Harassed and raped multiple models

Doug Henry (336-707-5065) – Greensboro, NC

–          Aggressive and angry, refused to go through screening process (Work: Friendly Avenue Tire)

Jim Hills (404-295-0182) Atlanta, GA

–          Aggressive and cheap

Mike Derose (724-256-2932) Pittsburgh,PA

–          suspicious behavior, possibly LE

Stephen McBride (704-912-4956) Charlotte, NC

–          Harassed model and refused to pay the full donation


–          Steven C Markey (917-882-8948) (704-821-3212) (704-980-2425) annoying and cheap

–          Codie (484-447-8589) Possible LE

–          Name unknown (716-860-2920) NY area.

on December 8, 2018

I have several..
I really wish there was an option to put photos on here as well.

on December 11, 2018

You can add images. Are you having issues?

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0 on February 23, 2019

Not sure if I’m doing this correctly but this guy (name unknown) tried sending fake verification. WOT
Denver, CO
(720) 770-1345

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