Barry Conner Hendersonville NC~Manipulator, Sociopath, Liar, User

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Barry is a manipulative, lying, sociopath who admitted to having sex with me(rape)while I was passed out after he gave me some type of marijuana/psychotropic drug mix that almost killed me. He’s a convicted felon & not supposed to be in possession of illegal substances. He laughed, thought it was funny, wanted to see what it would do. Before that he used me to get property/money and sex. Said there was nothing wrong with friends with benefits after saying he wanted a future & marriage. He’s a lying psychopath who takes advantage of women, friends, family, anyone. I ended up homeless because he illegally evicted me from the place we lived and had lived for over a yr. Like a coward he went to his church & lied & said I was just some woman he let live with him for a few days & couldn’t get out. This from the mouth of one of the pastors. All LIES. When I moved in he wanted sex & a relationship(future), that’s what he said anyway. He still wanted sex after he got a GF but lied and said she wasn’t A GF. In the middle of sex he said he liked my fellatio giving better than hers. What kind of sicko says and does that? He’s an abusive, controlling, sociopath who thinks he doesn’t need help but he’s mentally ill. He was jealous of my ex husband and this is the reason he went after me, that & he thought I had money he could steal. Even threatened to kill my family to get alleged funds. Tried to isolate me from my uncle because he could see what kind of psycho he is. Barry Conner is a dangerous, manipulative psycho, sociopath who needs professional help who threatened to have me killed by his mob buddies that owed him a favor. He will use any woman for any reason for his own sick, twisted needs and fantasies. He said he couldn’t get off without the use of pornography. He’s into choking, affixiation, threesomes, bondage, anal, wants to be in control and dominant. He thinks women liked to be choked and suffocated during sex & are into sick rape fantasies. He would drop his pants and demand oral with his son in the next room. He’ll gaslight women to keep control of them by saying when the end times come & police start shooting people dead for sticking their head out the door he’s the only one that can protect her. Talks about militia, aliens, anarchy, govt shudowns and marshall law. Barry Gueva Conner Hendersonville NC is an extremely sick person who will abuse, threaten, steal from, deceive, lie, take advantage of, do anything he has to to get what he wants. He doesn’t care who he hurts. He’s a degenerate, immoral scumbag who is music director at Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock, NC & pretends to be christian and a good man. He’s anything but. Works at The Oriole Mill and has them snowed as well. No one knows what kind of sicko he truly is. Probably only he knows just how sick he is but he thinks he’s sane. He bragged about being with over 1000 women, bragged about having STD’s. Denied ever having been with prostitutes but don’t think that’s true. Admitted to being with gross, dirty, unsavory, smelly women. Refuses to use condoms. Will have one night stands when high. He tries to say he hasn’t had sex in 4 or 5 yrs. All lies. Sex is sex, even oral. Is a functional alcoholic. He’s sick and needs help. Blames the woman if she complains about his bad behavior. If you come in contact with Barry run as fast as you can away from him. He’s a master manipulator who uses and abuses women. Beware of Barry Gueva Conner Hendersonville NC. Used to live in Rutherfordton NC.

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