Barry Conner Hendersonville NC~Liar, ConMan, STD Carrier

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Almost all of the categories fit Barry. He is a conman, liar, manipulator who takes advantage of women. He doesn’t care who he hurts or he takes from. It can be women, friends, family, colleagues. He’s controlling, egotistical, narcissistic and when a woman gets out of line he becomes threatening and abusive. He’s a hypocrite and moral fraud. Goes to Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC where he’s the music director & supposed to be a role model but he’s anything but. He often said he knew more than the pastor there or any pastor. He said he knew more about the bible than any pastor in Hendersonville. He’s a convicted felon(former meth lab cook) who got 2 DUI’s which led to him taking advantage of a close female friend. She became homeless because of him & his church that demanded she leave because Barry was such a coward & p*ssy he couldn’t stand up to the church. Later had s*x with my friend & told her he’s intimate with another woman and exposed her to an STD. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. It’s all about what Barry wants or needs. He’ll gaslight GF’s to keep them in line. He’ll use drama(he’s a drama queen) to make a woman feel sorry for him. He’s a good actor and can cry on cue. All crocodile tears. He threatens women with having his mob/drug buddies take care of them if they tell anyone what kind of person he is. He’ll make threats & use fear to his advantage to keep a woman quiet about him and ensure she doesn’t tell anyone. In my friend’s case he wanted her percieved assets/money/property which she had none & when he figured it out he was more than willing to throw her to the wolves like the lowlife he is. But not without telling her packs of lies first. Even said he was dying. He’s lower than an ape. Lower than a plague. Definitely a timewasting pig. Beware of Barry Gueva Conner Hendersonville NC….Rutherfordton NC……

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