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Anyone heard of him?

My name is Axel. I appreciate your gesture. I will be coming to your city on the 30th of June for vacation. I work as a consultant in General Surgeon.

However, I would like to know how you charge? Hour/Full-Day. I shall make arrangement for payment before I get there. Apart from this Escort job, what else do you do for living? I care to know your marital status and how old are you. Please tell me about yourself, hope you are trustworthy and I hope you are straight in your doings because I dislike when people are not real.

Accept my apologies if that hurts. Is this your first time of doing this? I would also like to know your past experience whats was your comment after it and also did your companion make any good or bad comment about your services? please tell me your likes and dislikes. I want to know all these so as to have little tips about you concerning this job. I would also love to see recent pic of you to look at. Because this is my first time in it, I don’t wanna have a boring time during my vacation. And I want it to be discreet, that’s while I preferred all our conversation through this email. And you will be the one to choose the hotel residence.

I await your quick and pretty response concerning all I have said, bye for now but definitely not for ever.

Warmest Regards,

Hello Dear,

Thanks for your email once again. And I really appreciate you taking your time to write back to me as soon as possible. As I’ve said earlier in my previous email, I’m coming to your city for a vacation. Please kindly accept my apologies asking such personal information. Just feel like having a sense of formality with you, because I’m new to it. For safety reason, you can choose the best hotel of your choice.

Just a little about me, I am an honest, caring & easy going man that likes the outdoors and what it has to offer. I’m a very laid back type of guy, who works hard and would like to spend time with that special someone. I enjoy to cook and work with my hands. I enjoy spending time with loved ones and family. I enjoy spending time with that special person out and about at a fine place to eat or even just cuddling on the couch watching a good movie. Just making that special person feel special and loved. I guess you could say I like to spend quality time with the ones I enjoy being with, it is the little things in life that matter. I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping or just stroll through the woods or on the beach. I love the beach, good thing since I live on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Please I will like to know your best offer as I will be needing your service for three (3) nights of passion. Though, my vacation will last for 2weeks. I would need a very good company from you and give me best services for those periods. There’ll be a colorful dinner with you in our first night and thereafter if you don’t mind.

However, I would love to make the payment upfront. I’ll instruct my Account Manager to issue out a cashier check on your name. So therefore I want you to get back to me with the following details, so that the check can be sent to you as soon as possible-
Your Full Names:
Home Address with suite#/apt # (not PO BOX):
City, State & Zipcode:

Warm Regards,

NB: Please be aware that the address I am asking you is the address of where you want the upfront payment charge to be issued out to as I would be paying you with a US certified cashier’s check. If you are OK with that, get back to me with your escort charges for three days and the payment details as required, so payment would be issued out to you ASAP.

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