Advice on how to advertise travel/tours?

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1 on January 22, 2018

To anyone who feels best to give me (a newb) advice:
What are the best methods to use for advertising (Eros, Ter, Preferred 411, etc)?
2. Do you recommend only taking prebookings only if you don’t have anyone to help you book between appointments?


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0 on February 6, 2018

You should use ALL

TER is the best: Reliable clients and they love newbies.

Eros is 2nd best: You never know what you will get as you will have to vet for creeps and cops.

P411 is okay: you just have to post every hour. They charge like 15 credits for visiting. 


No. Do both, take prebookings and see clients in between. If you miss a call dont worry, reach back after an appointment.  Mostly TER will book in advance. Eros is when you will get random calls. 

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