Advice For Johns ~ Prevent being Stinged by the Cops

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It has been a crazy few months since Backpage has been gone. However, don’t lose hope if you are looking for legit and legal escort services.

There has been a fine line between legal and illegal activities and it is your fault.  With stings increasing to arrest the “Johns” for suspicion of prostitution or suspicion of human trafficking, here are some tips.

Let you remind you that escorting is legal, you pay for time and prostitution is illegal, you pay for sex.  

How to NOT be stinged by the cops.

  • If you find someone that catches your eye. Please make sure they have the following: a phone number you can call, an email, a website, a video (maybe), reviews, and make sure they are posted on other websites. The easiest way to determine that is googleing the number or email address. No cop will invest so much $ in themselves to arrest you. Do this easily can cost over $5k to $10k to do all of this.
  • Do not see anyone that is hosting for one day in a city on a Friday or Saturday. Cops like to arrest on Fridays or Saturdays, so you can think about it all weekend until the Court opens again on Monday. The one city tour date is a dead giveaway. What person in the right mind would pay a lot of money for one day tour. Most girls tour for a few days at a time.
  • Fake photos.  Do image searches on the photos to make sure they are real.
  • To good to be true. If see someone that looks like a supermodel but the rate is under $200, be careful.
  • Ask the ages on who you see. There is one thing to be young and prefer young, but there is a nothing there in being old and creepy. If someone looks under 18, you can help trafficking victims   If you are unsure, ask for ID. This is for you and their safety. If they are younger, PLEASE REPORT TO AUTHORITIES.
  • Outcall hotels: If the hotel needs a key in the elevator and they do not tell you, this is a sting.  This would force you to call them and then describe yourself, and you can get arrested on suspicion of anything.  Same goes if they want to meet you downstairs in person first.
  • Do In calls. In your own surrounding, you are safe.
  • Don’t be a creep. No dirty talking via text or email or over the phone or in person when you first me.  It seems to be the norm for all men these days.
  • If they ask you “What you want” within 5 minutes convo, be careful, this is a possible sting.

Backpage may have been a staple for the industry for the past couple of years. But, remember there was Craiglist before until they shut it down.  Now, there is a new wave of things happening and up and coming sites for men to hobby, here is a short list and what to expect.

For most men looking for backpage replacement, you may have to search a little harder, but here are the new places to find your muse.

Where to look:

The New Wave:

With over 40k sign ups since launch. I would have to say, this site is a fast react to FOSTA. It is a mind fuck. You have to relearn a new system as well learn how to search.  You have to look on the listings section and add hashtags for what you want and look through everything one by one. I like it, but it is messy for me.  I think it is cool for now, I am not sure what to take of it as yet. They are adding new sections daily, but I have found some people that worked out great. Since it is free. Anyone can sign up. But, follow the rules above, I would not say it is completely safe. 

The Most Trusted:

Slixa: Look for the verified section. By far the most complex verification system they have.

Mid to Higher End Escorts, about $400 per hour. This is the closest competitor of Eros.  Though they don’t validate everyone, they have male and females. 99% accurate photos and video.  I suggest pick the ones with personal websites and is verified.  I hate the search. I wish they added to organize certain sections.

Eros:  Look at the VIP or the Frontpagers or if they are Ethnic

Higher End Escorts, about $500 per hour. This site has been around since the beginning. They validate every single girl with their ID, selfies, and photos, you name it. If you can not prove that you can not get one.

90% of the photos are accurate unless they are Russian or some type of European. (Don’t trust those) Just remember with this site, the price is high.  If they don’t have a rate on their website or ad, there is room for negotiation.  

Most Johns has reported that the most accurate people are the non-white ones. Sorry.


Mid to Higher End Escorts, $300 to $800 per hour

Underground secret society. As a man, you have to fully disclose yourself and pay a monthly subscription.  They call your job to confirm you say who you say you are. Their verification process is brutal.  But, if you are game and you are open to the world of the most trusted and reliable network of providers and hobbyist, this is by far the best that is out there.  However, finding someone can be annoying and hard. They dont have much of a search. 

The Erotic Review

Once the best thing in the world to nothing. You no longer can see reviews or tours in the US. If you are computer savvy, you can easily add a VPN and see reviews of other savvy escorts that were able to replace back their reviews. I am hoping they come back in a different way as this was once the best way to find escorts. However, I hear some girls are picking cities outside to represent their current city. For example, Toronto represents MN. 


Higher End Escorts $600 per hour

This site cherry picks the best. However, I would suggest you google the number and emails to confirm they are posted on other sites. Is they are ONLY on Foxy List, it may be a fake ad. 

Closest To Backpage:

Low End:

Up and Coming:

Coming Soon:

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Thank you TJR for the mention (GFE Dating). We appreciate you, and find your service/website very helpful.

GFE Dating is striving to provide a low cost solution for providers to list as well as clients to get verified. We love our community!


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