Our Removal Policy and Legal Means of Contact

Question: False Information Was Posted About Me, What Do I Do?


We are not here to judge you, and neither are we a jury. We take no sides on all matters brought to our notice, neither do we take sides when posting these on this website. If you think someone gave us fake information about you, and this information gets published on TheJohnsReport, it’s your duty to take up the issue with the submitter of a given report. You can contact them directly from their profile or respond on the actual post.  In the event that you can’t contact the submitter or poster of a report, please see the question below for advice on how to proceed.


Our website, and any other websites that run like we do have limited ability to verify “ALL” posted or submitted reports. US Federal Lawmakers know that 3rd party posting websites like ours do not have the means to vet individual users, and neither do we have the ability to verify their experiences and accusations.


US Federal Law, CDA (Communications Decency Act) states that you must hold the submitter of a report or post accountable for the information they submit. If you wish to dispute a report made about you, the law clearly states that you confront the person who made the report. We do not have anything to do with that, and we will stay out of your disputes.


We won’t remove reports, comments, posts and/or topics if you ask us to do so directly. These will not be removed even if you claim that it contains defamatory allegations. Only the submitter of a given report, a valid court order, or an arbitration service will be able to remove a report we post here.


Here is our rationale behind this policy. Censorship is way too common in many countries already, and we WILL NOT promote censorship on the internet. Everyone has the right to conduct research on any individual before interacting with them. If we remove a report, comment or post, we are, in a way, infringing on the rights of that individual to research the other.


If the reporter or submitter of a report rectifies the information provided, it will be shown in the given report or post. By removing it, we will be hiding a possible pattern of behavior of the individual, leading to more damage. In as much as we take the reports seriously, we try to prevent innocent people from being falsely accused by individuals who constantly make unethical decisions.


By removing reports, posts, or comments, guilty individuals get the message that by applying the right amount of pressure to the submitter of a report, they might be able to get reports, posts, or comments removed. And that, in no way, is an ethical way of solving the problem.


By not allowing the removal of reports, posts, or comments, we protect submitters as they wouldn’t be threatened by the reported individual to remove reports or posts. You can’t threaten someone to do something that they don’t have the right or power to do.


If I am a victim of a post and I cannot contact the submitter. What should I do?


If you are the victim of a post and you feel a wrong report has been posted about you AND you can’t contact the submitter, you have independent 3rd party services that can help you challenge the published report or post or the court of law.


This doesn’t expressly mean the report or post will be removed. Only after successfully challenging the report or post will it be removed, and this is only after the report or post is deemed maliciously motivated and unsubstantiated.


Valid 3rd party arbitration service providers provide a neutral service that helps determine the validity of information posted on the internet. TheJohnsReport is not affiliated with any of these services, its owners or subsidiaries.


Isn’t it wrong to post a guy’s info publicly like this?


That’s left to you to decide. Only you can decide what to include in a report or post and how much information about the person you wish to share.


As an example: in April 2012, the news carried the report of a female German High Jumper who was being stalked and harassed for some time. She finally had enough of it, outed the guy on her Facebook page and publicly humiliated him. The response and perception of the public was positive because she took control of the situation and put him back in his place. Her method of using the internet and social media was new and quite controversial at the time, but it was effected, and it received much approval.


She only succeeded in doing this because she shared his information publicly, not doing that might not have helped matters. So you have to decide for yourself what amount of information you WANT to share.


Public shaming is a strategy and tactic many communities and law enforcement agencies have used.


From publicly posting the offenders’ names and photos in public space, community newspapers and websites to posting the photos on billboards in communities so commuters see them as they drive by. The idea behind this was to use public shaming to make “would be” offenders think twice, knowing they might bring shame upon themselves and their families.


This website can be used legally, but we do express the importance of remaining factual in your posts and/or reports. Falsely accusing another person can be considered defamation of character. If through a court system your report is found to be false, it will be removed. All posts, reports, and comments have logged in IP addresses. We have the right to allow individuals to share their stories and/or opinions in form of reports, posts, comments and topics on our website. This is mandated by a FEDERAL LAW called the Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C. 230.



I submitted a report or post. How can I remove it?


If you are the author of a report or post, please submit a request for removal of your report through email at thejohnsreport@protonmail.com.


To process your request, we will need verification that you are the original author, so please do send the request including the email address you used to submit the report or post.


We also request that you share a link to the original report or post as we’d need to be really sure you submitted the report or post. Please note that failure to provide enough information will make it difficult to perform the required action.


Note: This legal contact is the only means to contact us, both for victims of false reports and submitters of reports or posts. DO NOT try to contact us by making complaints to our domain registrar or some other service providers in hopes that you’d be able to force us to do your bidding—that just won’t work. If you are found doing any of the aforementioned, we’d make public your threats on this site and other forums and sites for maximum exposure. If you are found doing this, all content will be permanently non-removable, even if that means losing our host.



Copyright Infringement Claims


If you have copyright infringement complaints, please send us a properly formatted DMCA containing all required elements. We only remove reports and posts if we receive a valid court order, if you contact a 3rd party arbitration service and clearly and successfully argue that the report submitted is indeed false, or if you are the original submitter of a report or post.


If you have a court order or a valid DCMA and if you plan to share documents with us, please email thejohnsreport@protonmail.com. And in case the letters you plan sending are defamation threats, and you’re here in the United States, you might want to search Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act on Google before writing, since that might save you a lot of calories.


Again, please email us for any issue you might have with the reports and posts we publish.


Are there other services?


Yes!  Here are a list a places you can go to, to help your reputation.  We are not affiliated with any of these services. Please reach out for your own case.